Saturday, 30 November 2013

THE POROSITY OF OUR MEDIA AND THE SINKING SHADES OF THE 21ST CENTURY MEDIA 'GALAMSAYING' Exceptional Motivational Speaker Jeremiah Buabeng wrote something on his which indeed keeps hunting my inner-most part and as a result my daily nightmares of the cancerous tribute grinding us down in the grinding miller of catastrophy.... Jeremiah states and I quote, "To the media, good news is no news. We are in our 20's doing awesome things with our gifts and talents. Media won't talk about us. Let a 25 year old rob a bank and it will be headline news and the adults will join and berate young people of today for being misguided. What kind of unfairness is that"?? This is how far pathetically the media landscaping of our nation have resulted in. Now do we as a nation and a people actually understand, appreciate and value the adages of our lands? The akan proverbial adage stipulates emphantically that, "it is worthless appreciating a dead corpse with a casket, when in contention no food was graced to it lively body sometime ago." Today, the appalling media fracture in terms demonic politicisation have dealt a big blow to the instinctive reasoning aroma of this beloved nation of ours. The media "surface mining" and "galamsaying" have resulted in what Jeremiah laid emphasis on. It is this same media "galamsaying" that have and is still perpetuating our sinking in the deep waters of retrogression. Can't this media our ours at least appreciate the worth, altruistic and overwhelming achievements of our future leaders?? What good will it do for us as a people if this trend of media "galamsaying" and parrotic propagandry continues to linger on?? The souls and spiritual fortification of tomorrows' leaders of this country is on the high table in the abatoir to be slaughtered like a sacrificial lamb. Whilst this negativity in terms of the youth are constantly headlined in the media enclave, the 'outside force' who have persistently sought for our 'pit trapping' keeps believing the impression that indeed the people of Africa are synonymous to 'infertile virgin lands'. What the media outfits must take a pictorial and closer look at is the negative as well the affirmative impression they create to the outside community about this beloved nation of ours. Whether we striving hard to put the youth of this nation in better position to manage the affairs of this nation is one thing we must all be made aware of. The same as whether this nation would be left im the safest pair of hands when the older generation vacat the role of as leaders. Ending, we must as a people and media megabytes always be reminded and guided by the statement of Ghana's first president and Africas' foremost Pan-africanist Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah which stipulates, "The blackman is capable of managing his own affairs without any forth arm aid."

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