Friday, 11 March 2011

The Politics of "Blindness"

"An animal that will bite you will never show you it teeth" saith the adage. This adage has really opened my eyes and made my fully concious about politics. Politics which with the notion of serving as a plaform and an avenue where citizens concerns are to be taken into consideration and geared towards assisting them, has now change into "blindness". Political leaders who want power do come in sheep clothing and mount platforms pleading like "beggers" all in the name of vote for me. Often they come in the manner of a "lamb" ready to used as a holy sacrifice. After they have been given the mandate what do we see. All the ernomous promises they gave will be left behind, the welfare of the citizens becomes an old rag for them. Eh! What a world...their flat bellies just turns portruded like "pregnant fish", forgetting their humble beginings still remains in the minds of the people. This proves the adage afforementioned to be significant, thus, we live in a world of political dimensions but entails with a hidden notion of "Politricks". Africans have suffer alot and are still suffering and it is time all corrupt and real "Politricians" get eradicated from this continent of ours. The woeful thing is that, the so called politicians do use the mass media to tell lies oh! No wonder their mouth is full of sweet "big words" but deep within their ideological concept they are into blinding their citizens. But lets not forget that, "a blind man can not lead a blind man" otherwise they are eventually heading towards the big pit. It is no surprising at all as most African countries upon all efforts made by citizens have failed to progress but move from one head crash to another. They sing in sweet melodious tunes as if they are into real politics but their paramount motive is into real "politricks". This i call politics of "blindness".

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